Build your forearms and grip strength with the Rolling Thunder device

There is an exercise device that most are not aware of.  It is called the Rolling Thunder (google it) It is basically a very thick bar that revolves and weight is attached via a loading pin that is clipped to the bar.  The best way to train is by doing timed holds, I would suggest  varying the time using different weights.  For example at your heaviest, hold for 5 sec.  Reduce the weight and hold for 15 seconds, etc.  I would think holding for 1 minute would be the longest.  Though  even longer could prove beneficial as well,  experiment!

My last workout I worked up to as heavy as I could hold for a split second with each hand then reduced the weight , doing holds of 10, 20, 40 and 55 seconds.  My forearms were pumped HUGE.    Be sure to try this approach to improve your grip and forearms.  It works!

About Rick Lange

My goal is to give out training advice that has helped me tremendously. I am 54 yrs old and have been training almost all my life. Weight training...bodybuilding, and powerlifting have been my focus. I ventured into cycling, road and mountain biking and triathlon for a while. Lost lots of weight in order to make myself competitive. Then decided to come back to my roots....weight training. I have a very athletic background, having participated in football, baseball and track in my school days. I am very proud of my accomplishments racing motocross and jet skiis. Also ejoyed windsurfing , kayaying, water skiing and snow boarding/skiing as well. Rick Lange
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