Yes, it is harder for people with long femurs in relation to their torso to squat and deadlift

These 2 links explain why biomechanically people with long femurs in relation to their torso have trouble squatting and deadlifting using the generally accepted range of motion for these lifts. These people are limited by their proportions and also these same proportions make them more easily injured as their leverage is severely compromised as compared to a person with more “normal” length femurs .

But all is not lost, even with this disadvantage one can get tremendously strong by just doing partial movements of Squats and deadlifts from different heights. One must experiment with  stance and varying ranges of motion.  These lifts are still the absolute best way to overall body strength and power.


note:  I checked these links and apparently they don’t work anymore, it just goes to

So, check this link out (especially pay attention to the part when he talks about longer femurs than torso , this is the group that has the issues, long femurs in proportion to the rest of the body are not the problem.)

About Rick Lange

My goal is to give out training advice that has helped me tremendously. I am 54 yrs old and have been training almost all my life. Weight training...bodybuilding, and powerlifting have been my focus. I ventured into cycling, road and mountain biking and triathlon for a while. Lost lots of weight in order to make myself competitive. Then decided to come back to my roots....weight training. I have a very athletic background, having participated in football, baseball and track in my school days. I am very proud of my accomplishments racing motocross and jet skiis. Also ejoyed windsurfing , kayaying, water skiing and snow boarding/skiing as well. Rick Lange
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