Confusion about the Squat and leg press

 You hear all the time things like “in order to get big legs you gotta squat” and  “The squat    stimulates overall muscle growth in the entire body” .  Well, first for leg size and leg strength, leg presses work as good as squats or even better. (read the entire explanation before you start  shouting )  Why?   The Leg press removes the weak link in training legs which is the upper body.   That being said, for total body strength , squats are far superior to leg presses.  Example: if you had 2 twins and one only squatted and the other only leg pressed, the one who squatted after a period of time would have much more overall development of his body than the one who only leg pressed.   The squat not only works the legs and hips, but the abdominals, obliques, spinal errectors, upper and mid back, lats, chest, shoulders and even arms.  When the bar is on your back all these muscles are contracting to support the weight. That is why it is so good for overall strength and development.  For maximal development of the legs, leg pressing should be included in any routine.  If you are not a powerlifter or olympic lifter then you don’t really have to squat to get total development , strength and power, but only if you include deadlifts and/or overhead supports in your routine along with the leg presses. These 2 exercises have similar effects on the upper body musculature that squats have. Basically Squats and/or deadlifts are irreplaceable.

About Rick Lange

My goal is to give out training advice that has helped me tremendously. I am 54 yrs old and have been training almost all my life. Weight training...bodybuilding, and powerlifting have been my focus. I ventured into cycling, road and mountain biking and triathlon for a while. Lost lots of weight in order to make myself competitive. Then decided to come back to my roots....weight training. I have a very athletic background, having participated in football, baseball and track in my school days. I am very proud of my accomplishments racing motocross and jet skiis. Also ejoyed windsurfing , kayaying, water skiing and snow boarding/skiing as well. Rick Lange
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