Start tearing cards ASAP.

  I just want to mention a great exercise for  demonstrating total body power and that is card tearing.  Yes, start tearing cards as  part of your training, you will never regret it!  This “strongman” feat  is awesome .   Imagine being able to tear an entire deck of cards!  That would be impressive, right?   A way you could demonstrate your strength away from the gym, impress the girls  or whatever.    And ladies  you can do this too!   It is a progressive resistance exercise just like weight training.   Start with a small number of cards and gradually work your way up.  You will be surprised at what you can accomplish if you  start doing this.   As you start small and work your way up, anyone can do this.  Even being able to rip half a deck of cards is impressive!  I will not go into detail here as there is lots of information on this subject on the internet, just google it.  But remember   try different grips, position of the arms, etc.  Also, you must contract your entire body to effectively utilize your power….  Where you place the cards in your palm is crucial.   The junction where the fingers connect to the palm is where I place the end of the deck .  This exercise is total body power and will develop an awesome grip.

  Do this exercise as you would any weight exercise.  Allow time to recover and realize it is easy to overtrain the hands  , so don’ t do it too often.  And if your progress halts.. rest,  reduce the number of cards and build up again.

  Cards are cheap.   Dollar Stores are a good place to look.  Wal Mart has 2 packs for a dollar.

Start tearin today!



About Rick Lange

My goal is to give out training advice that has helped me tremendously. I am 54 yrs old and have been training almost all my life. Weight training...bodybuilding, and powerlifting have been my focus. I ventured into cycling, road and mountain biking and triathlon for a while. Lost lots of weight in order to make myself competitive. Then decided to come back to my roots....weight training. I have a very athletic background, having participated in football, baseball and track in my school days. I am very proud of my accomplishments racing motocross and jet skiis. Also ejoyed windsurfing , kayaying, water skiing and snow boarding/skiing as well. Rick Lange
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