Best way to do side laterals

The lateral head of the delts requires more stretch at the beginning to fully activate the fibers, in fact doing the beginning portion of the movement moving only about 1/3 of a full range movement works well starting with a stretch  is the best way to increase growth in this area.    Using a cable set up, stand between the two cable pulleys , use the right hand to pull from the left pulley and the left hand to pull from the right pulley.  Crisscross the cables.   and can pull in front or behind the body.  stepping forward a bit also helps put more tension on the area.  Experiment.

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best way to do front raises

the front delts require a good stretch to really work the fibers.  The best way is to do the bottom portion of a dumbell overhead or incline press.  A machine can also be used if you adjust the seat up high so you get an extreme stretch on the front delts.  Using dumbells, position them palms parallel also called a hammer grip. Bring the dumbells down as low as possible, you want the most extreme stretch.  Do not use heavy weights.  This is an isolation movement to develop the front delt maximally which will greatly aid any pressing movements you do. Do not extend the arms ,   only move the weight using the front delts, the elbows will be pointing down at the beginning, the straight out at the conclusion.  This is a partial movement.  like doing a quarter of a full range rep.   This is the best I can describe it.  It flat out works well.

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Ultimate glute exercise

This exercise is the best way to do the glute bridge or hip thrust exercise.   Do a kneeling version of the cable pull through exercise.  you will need to improvise a way to brace your feet ,put a block, plates, board , whatever in front of the low pulley , make sure you have  good tension at the start and do fairly high reps as is a very short range of motion movement.  The glutes are fully worked with this movement.  It is a bit hard to set up especially when using heavier wts. which you can use in this exercise .  Use two D handles or a rope for your handles.    I tried googling this exercise and did find one vid of it, most show the standard pull through which is a very good movement as well, but the kneeling version totally isolates the glutes.   You must try it.    All who I have taught to do it properly say it is the absolute KING of glute exercises that no one knows about.

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dumbell or kettlebell T-Bar style row

This exercise hits the middle back muscles very well which are hard to hit with traditional back exercises.   Simply hold a single dumbell  using both hands under plates and position yourself as doing a standing  T-Bar Row . back is halfway between bent over and  vertical.  Contract back muscles as you pull. Back will go through full range contraction  even though the movement is relatively short.

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Value of Supersets

Supersets were developed to help get more training done in less time.   There is way more to supersets than that.  For example if you super set bench press with Rowing.  Some of the same muscles are used in both movements such as shoulders , upper back and lats.  By combining them in a superset ( 2 sets done with no rest between the 2, rest only after completing the 2 , then repeat) , you are working specific fibers harder or may require more fibers to be activated thereby increasing the stimulus for muscle growth.

Some very good examples of supersets are:

1) bench press  and rowing(any form is fine…ie: t bar, cable, machine etc.  remember to use a medium to wide grip and pull to the upper chest keeping elbows out.)

2) chin ups/pullups/lat pulldown with Overhead presses

3) Dips supersetted with upright row using trap bar. ( can use 2 dumbells held the same way, parallel to the body if a trap bar is not available) ( this is an exercise I developed….. never seen or heard of anyone ever doing it before)   It really helps to activate maximum fibers in the shoulders and upper back…)

4) Back extensions with angled sit ups/ hanging leg raises

You will notice the exercise combinations I described are the exact  opposites of each other……

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One myth concerning working muscles for developing a nice body.

Most of us started out believing that “full range of motion” was a requirement to adequately stimulate muscle growth.   This is absolute BS!   They were talking “joint movement”.  Full range of motion for the joint is NOT a requirement for muscle stimulation.   Now if you are talking “flexibility”…then YES…. but we are not.  Muscles either contract or relax.  There are specific ranges of motion  and specific points within a particular exercise that elicit more muscle fibers for the muscle you are trying to develop.   This is where you should spend most of your training.   Notice I said “most of your training”.   Of course if you are a powerlifter or Olympic lifter…you must do the required “lifts”.   And notice I am talking about ultimate muscle growth and stimulation not conditioning.   ‘Those that think about what they do will appreciate what I have just written.  Those that just follow the “herd” will be up in arms against what I have written.  LOL….

I will give you a specific example:   when using the bench press to develop your pecs…just do the bottom portion of the movement ( the bottom 1/4 of the full movement puts the most stress on the pectorals and the front delts).   Also doing  isolation movements such as lateral raises can be much improved as to the muscle stimulation they provide by just doing the bottom portion of the move using heavier weights, only moving the dumbells  1/4 to half of the regular lateral raise exercise.  There is much , much more ….but I hopefully have given you enough information to make you want to experiment  and get better results.

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Is this the ultimate tricep exercise?

The exercise I am about to describe puts the most “stretch” on the triceps muscles than  any other . Simply set up as if you were going to do a cross bench pullover exercise,  holding a dumbell the same way  with palms flat up against the top plates.  Then simply do a tricep extension making sure to get a full  deep stretch as that is the key here.  Of course you can do the full movement or do partials in the different ranges ( bottom 1/3…mid 1/3…top 1/3)  I like to do a few sets of each method.   Experiment with range of motion…. sets… and reps…. and of course rest time.

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A very good way to add width to your shoulders

This exercise gives way more time under tension to the lateral head of the deltoid than anything you have ever tried.  Take 2 dumbells and hold in a parallel position or use a parallel handle deadlift bar.     Pull upward alongside the body under the armpit and hold for time.  Try 2 minutes  then 1 minute using an appropriate weight  that makes it hard but not impossible to hold for the time.     The stimulation to the lateral head of the delts will make you a believer…….

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My own experience in loosing FAT

I have bulked up and dieted down so many times that I have literally gained and lost hundreds of pounds over the course of my time in training.

I just want to share my experience with loosing fat in hopes it may aid someone who may be experiencing similar issues and inspire them to stick with it.

  First lets look at the below quote:
 ” I also learned that if you aren’t lean to start with (above 13 percent body fat) it’s hard to tell the visual difference if you increase that by 5-6 percent body fat. There’s a range of body fat that appears about the same. If you hover between 14-20 percent body fat you aren’t lean enough to be defined, nor are you fat enough to look like crap. You can very well add 10-15 pounds of fat and THINK you’re gaining muscle.” The above quote comes from Christian Thibaudeau (Canadian bodybuilder and coach)
    That has been exactly my own experience….. I would start looking bigger , gaining weight and actually I was storing more fat all over my body ( I seem to add weight proportionately all over, more so to the upper body than the legs though). So it would seem that I was not gaining that much fat as my visual inspection showed not much increase in the “love handle” area or lower pecs where I genetically start to gain fat first, but it was going to other places such as the arms, and especially the back. When I would diet down, It was frustrating because I would not see much change in the areas that mattered lower chest and love handle area…. this was due to the fact the fat goes off just as it goes on….. so I had to lose the fat from my arms, back, glutes, legs, before seeing much change in my “problem areas”  .
     You must be patient and accept that it takes time to lose fat.  If you try to rush it by dieting too hard and by doing too much cardio you will lose muscle in addition to fat and also reduce your metabolic rate which will slow down your fat loss and leave you with less muscle and more fat than you would like at your lower bodyweight.


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An awesome exercise: The T-Bar Row


The old style T – Bar was and still is one of the best exercises one can do to develop overall body strength.  It should be  given the same credit as the squat and deadlift as it definitely uses much of the body’s musculature when doing the lift.   Upper back, traps, spinal erectors,  abs, hamstings, glutes are the main muscles used…   Biceps, forearms, grip, quads and even calves are used.

When doing this lift you should not be bent at 90 degrees as is generally suggested for rowing moves.  You should be more upright almost inline with the bar as it moves upward as the resistance  is changed due to the set up as compared to a regular bar bell row exercise.





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